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  We are located in southeastern Oneida County, at the crossroads of New York State Route 8, and US Route 20.  The section of present-day Route 8 which passes through Bridgewater was once part of the Utica to New Berlin Plank Road.  The Great Western Turnpike, later called the Cherry Valley Turnpike, evolved into Route 20.  The village was incorporated in 1825, and later reincorporated in 1897, under General Municipal Law.  The population of the village as of the 2000 Census was 579.


Village of Bridgewater voters made history in 1974, when Everett Holmes was elected mayor.  Mayor Holmes was the first African American elected mayor in New York State history.  Mayor Holmes received a letter of congratulations from President Richard Nixon.  Holmes served twice, from 1974 to 1976, and from 1978 until his death in 1982. Upon his death, State Senator James Donovan sponsored a resolution in the New York State Senate, both mourning Mayor Holmes’ death, and recognizing his historic accomplishment and his community involvement. 


The offices of the Village of Bridgewater are located in the Everett Holmes Building, which is the former home of the Holmes Family.  State Senator Donovan’s resolution is on display there.

Bridgewater Village Hall
Once the home of Everett T. Holmes, the first Black mayor in New York State history. It now serves as the Village Hall.
Village Clerk - Kara Haar
Trustee - John Stevens
Dog Control Officer - Gordon Chaffee

November 04, 2013

Please note that the following draft public notice of a proposed village dissolution plan, pursuant to Title 3 of

Article 17-A of the GML, must appear (in a newspaper having a general circulation in the village) within five (5)

business days of the Village board's resolution endorsing the proposed dissolution plan.  Such publication also

must appear at least once in each of the three (3) weeks immediately following the initial publication.  In other

words, notice must be published at least once each week for four (4) successive weeks, with the first (1st)

notice appearing within one (1) week of Village Board's resolution endorsing the proposed dissolution plan.


                           NOTICE OF PROPOSED DISSOLUTION PLAN


The Board of Trustees of the Village of Bridgewater has adopted a resolution endorsing a proposed dissolution

plan.  The plan sets forth the impacts and necessary steps to dissolve the Village into the surrounding Town of



The plan estimates that the cost to implement the dissolution will not exceed $50,000 and that the Village

would proceed with seeking a state grant from the New York State Department of State to reduce the Village

cost to approximately $4,500.  The cost of the dissolution, to the extent possible, would be paid from the

Village's fund balance.


All public positions of the Village of Bridgewater would be eliminated upon dissolution.


All real property would be sold prior to dissolution, or if unsold at dissolution, title would be transferred to the

Town of Bridgewater.


The Village has determined that no agreements are needed with the Town to implement the dissolution.  The

Town of Bridgewater would continue to maintain the former Village streets in the same manner that that they

are presently maintained.  Fire protection also would continue to be provided by the existing fire company.


Water would be provided to the Village through a water district formed by the Town, the Bridgewater Village

Water District, which would contract with the Mohawk Valley Water Authority for service billing and licensed

operation.  The Town would assume responsibility for opening and closing street valves to provide or

discontinue service to district users.  At the time of dissolution, the Village will have an outstanding liability with

a value of $1,360,225.00, held by the New York State Environmental Facilities Corporation for village water-

system improvements.


Unless otherwise provided in the dissolution plan, all local laws, ordinances, rules, and regulations of the Village-

in effect on the date of dissolution-shall remain in effect for a period of two years after the effective date of

dissolution, except the Town Board at any time may adopt, amend, or repeal such laws, ordinances, rules, or

regulations of the former Village in the same manner that the Town acts on other laws, ordinances, rules, or



A public hearing on this plan is expected to be held on Monday, December 16, 2013 at the Village Offices.  A

notive of such hearing would be published between ten and twenty days before such hearing date.


Copies of the proposed dissolution plan, along with copies of a descriptive summary of the plan, are available

on the Village website, at the Village Offices, and at the Bridgewater Post Office.


Upon final Village Board approval of the dissolution plan, the Village Board would also, by resolution, call for

and schedule a referendum on the proposed dissolution.  Such referendum may be placed on the ballot and

presented to village electors at the regular Village election on Tuesday, March 18, 2014.


Upon approval by a majority of electors of the village at the referendum, the dissolution of the Village of

Bridgewater may be effective beginning on January 1, 2015.

November 03, 2013



July 08, 2013
A copy of the Annual Drinking Water Quality Report for the year 2012 may be obtained upon request from the Village Clerk.


Village of Bridgewater in the 1850ís
Village of Bridgewater in the 1850ís. Painted by folk artist Jim Parker, Ilion, NY

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